I float peacefullyMy body barely touchingWater smooth as glass I need no compassTrusting where I am guidedI surrender to flow

Morning Musings

Been awhile since I’ve blogged. Thought I would start up again. No plan, just putting my random thoughts down. Not sure who will read them but I trust that whoever needs to hear (or read) them will find them. Reflecting how some changes in life are so subtle, you don’t notice them, they are gradual,…

Do You Hear Me NOW?!

Clarity I have been asking for quite some time now what is my medicine. Today I had a little mini breakdown and surrendered to the Divine. The universe spoke!! I asked for a symbol and this is what I painted this morning. I see an eye quite a bit when I meditate. AND then what…

Believe in Yourself

A year ago I embarked on my Color of Woman Intentional Creativity teacher training.  It helped me through my first year as a widow, pouring myself into writings, the canvas, and holding space with my COW sisters.  In the middle or I should say toward the end of the training I moved.  The move consumed…

Day 14 Deep Nourishment Challenge

Day 14 #deepnourishmentchallenge thank you @lainielovedalby for this wonderful nourishment challenge. Today’s challenge was the push I needed to walk the labyrinth that is less than 3 miles from my house! #sisterhive #labyrinth