Day 8 Deep Soul Nourishment

My spirit animals live in a cavern with an emerald river running through it. There are hanging vines throughout the cavern. There is a white leopard, an owl, a white horse, an eagle, a crow, a frog and others I do not know who they are yet. Today I asked who is my spirit animal that has been with me since birth. A black bird flew up to me and nuzzled my neck. I asked are you a crow or a raven. A raven (I think he might have been put out that I did not know). I asked him why he is my spirit animal from birth. He told me he was chosen to be with me to protect me, teach me to speak my voice and to spread my wings which had been clipped at a very young age but recently I got them back. What is weird, well nothing is weird anymore, back in 2017 I started writing my story through a class with Robin Laws. The main character is Raven (me) and my animal spirit is a crow. Crow calls to awaken you to your true soul purpose . . . to remind you to follow your purpose. I need to start writing again. #sisterhive #spiritanimal


Day 7 Deep Nourishment Challenge

This one was tough for me, sharing me!  On this spiritual path journey to find my secret medicine the word dance keeps showing up. And the other day the question I am the one who . . . Dances was the answer. I used to dance a LOT as a child and into my 30s and then stopped. I need to dance again!  Thank you so much Lainie Love Dalby for helping me nourish myself and speak my voice.


Eight Nights One Answer

I signed up for a short course called DREAMY offered by Jenafer Joy.

It’s been very enlightening.  I’m not much of a writer (although I wanted to be a mystery writer when I was young) and poetry isn’t my thing either but I’m really enjoying it.  

Here is one of my poems

Trusting my spiritual journey
Listening to that little voice
Nourishing my creative soul
Abundance will flow





My Voice

I am hoping to share my voice with you, to be who I am meant to be.

It has been 31 days since my sweet husband lost his 14 month battle with cancer.  We kept it quiet as much as possible.  It’s what he wanted.  He wanted people to remember him how he was when he was healthy, not how he was at the end.  At first I was angry with everyone, God and even Richard for getting sick.  I cried, what about me, what about my life.  How selfish am I?  For better or worse, in sickness and in health, ’til death do us part.

Thus began my spiritual journey.  I gave it up to God, the Divine, put it in his hands.  One night I had a powerful vision, I won’t call it a dream, as it was not a dream.  My DOD (dear ole dad) came to me and took me on a walk, down a narrow path which I was afraid to take.  I told him, no, there is nothing ahead, just darkness, an abyss.  My dad told me to hold his hand and to have faith.  As we walked, the path became a little wider, it was still very wobbly, the path was made of rocks, some large, some small, I had to be careful with my footing.  We continued on for what seemed like forever.  My dad then told me to look up as I had been looking down watching my footing, not wanting to look to the side as there was nothing by darkness.  NO!  I’m afraid.  Look, Marshy, look up.  I did. I saw a bright white light, I felt hope.  My heart was filled with such joy.  The darkness was gone.  My dad said to me, you are going to be fine.

My journey of healing myself and caring for Richard began, unconditionally, with love and support until the very end.  I prayed for a peaceful release.  He fell asleep in his recliner watching football.

Once again I am reaching out and giving it up to God, the Divine, to guide me on my new chapter in my life.  Life has changed for me, my address will change, I will change.

When Richard was first diagnosed he told me, I need you to be STRONG.  This is my mantra for the coming year, my 2nd renaissance is beginning, BE STRONG.

Timing is everything.  Janet Conner’s 30-day Soul Program began this month.  I was blessed to be one of the scholarship recipients.  The program is called The Lotus and the Lily “access the Wisdom of Buddha and Jesus to Nourish Your Beautiful, Abundant Life”.

I met Janet in an online retreat.  She is infectious.  This is my second course with her.  If you are wanting more in your life, to find your purpose, reconnect to your inner self, walk with me on my journey with The Lotus and the Lily.  I’d love to walk with you on yours.

We started week one.  Week two starts Monday.  There is still time to join in!