We are constantly evolving.  It seems lately I’m evolving at warp speed but at the same time stuck.  

As I start on this new path I am trying to rebrand myself and it’s not coming easily.  When I stopped making my miniature dolls I transitioned easily from Sassy Mini Dolls to Tatteredchick, connecting to the wabi sabi, finding beauty in tattered, torn, worn objects, my tattered soul and creating with these objects.  

My soul is now becoming enlightened and although I still do find beauty in tattered, torn, worn objects, there is a new component to my art, connecting to our inner self and releasing our fears, our pain, our doubts creatively.  

I was thinking Healing through HeART was the answer but after some energy healing work and my Lotus and the Lily course, I know that soul or soul work has to be a part of it.   

When journaling this came up for me, I pulled out the word RAW from draw and PAIN from paint.   Still processing, still evolving.  My new identity will surface one day!!