Color of Women

Wow, Intentional Creativity, nothing I would have thought I would be drawn too, but for over a year now I have been reconnecting to my inner self, searching for my path.  I know creativity is fundamental but being an artist and selling, although enticing, just wasn’t it.

When I first found Shiloh Sophia I thought to myself, nah, this isn’t me, but I NEVER say NEVER!  I found myself drawn to creating from within, what I feel.  Then healing entered the equation.  Art does heal!

So I made a huge decision and applied for Color of Women and was accepted!!!  My journey begins in 2019!


I also signed up for Fonda Haight Clark’s Down Deep class.  I wanted to take it last year but couldn’t.  Here are a couple of journal pages I have done so far.

This horse started off with just a random “throw down” of paint and when I added the Celtic symbol for grief and mourning the horse appeared.

I am not surprised that in each of these pages the horse, the owl and I’m not sure if it’s a hawk or a crow appeared as these are all my spirit animals.







In conjunction with Intentional Creativity I am learning about energy healing which I will incorporate with my COW journey.  I will share more about that in another post.

Intentional Creativity

I had the most wonderful experience a few weeks ago.  I attended one of Shiloh Sophia’s Intentional Creativity Muse Days at her studio in Sonoma, Ca.

JPEG image-76753833E274-1

We sat in the red thread circle, sang, shared, created our inner muse and ate cake!!!  I have never had an experience like this, so incredible!

AND we were gifted with the presence of Lavender Grace as she played her framed drum and sang to us while we painted!!! (Photo taken by Terre Busse)


This is my Medicine Woman from that day.


Trust The Journey

Not sure where to start, from the beginning would take too long.  I’ll just say I’m starting on a journey of discovery.  It’s never too late!  I’m sure many of you have wondered why am I here, what’s my path.  I’ve asked myself that quite a bit this last year.  It’s funny how things come to be. Creating has become more of art therapy for me, journalling more and more.  Something I really never thought would interest me.  The journalling has been more about writing than painting and through that journey I’ve discovered things about myself, why I feel the way I feel, react the way I react.  I’ve had a hard heart and am working on releasing it and it feels good to let old hurts, perceived hurts, grudges go.


I’ve been taking some online “retreats” such as Path to Purpose with Devorah Spillman

Woman Unleashed

These retreats have introduced me to so many different creative philosophies and practices, one in particular has called me, energy healing. WOW!  I went to my first session last week and I could feel the shift, letting go of all that negative energy.  I’ll get more into that in another post!

Woman Unleashed is still going on until July 15th so if you’re interested in unleashing that woman that’s buried deep inside click on the link above and join in!!

Devorah keeps telling us that we all have a story to tell and so I am going to start telling mine . . . . although I do meet with resistance . . . I’m working on that!!!

So until next time,

Do what makes you light up!





My Creative Journey

I used to be a decent blogger but as with most creative types I flit from one thing to another, life changes, interests change and I drop some things.  Some I pick up later on, some I don’t.  I used to be on Blogger but decided to switch over to Word Press and start somewhat “anew”.

I’ll probably chat mostly about my creative endeavors, not sure what else. I’ve cut off most of my social media apps.  You can find me on Instagram and although I am on Facebook it’s so I can participate in groups.

I tend to keep a lot of personal things private.  Not much into sharing for everyone to read.  This may change, one never knows.

I’ve always been one to do something creative, back in the 70s, yeah, dating myself, I remember I used to take wicker baskets and cover them with fabric, that was the thing back then.  I never did any painting or sculpting, just craft type projects.  One day in the 90s I saw a darling dollhouse and learned that they were not for children, they were for adults.  That opened up a whole new world for me.  I built a few, spent a small fortune on miniatures and then decided to learn how to pour porcelain, dress and paint dolls, even had a small business for a few years, Sassy Mini Dolls, took a stab at sculpting.  Burn out.

After another break for a few years I started having an interest in learning how to do art, but not traditional type art.  Mixed media and assemblage caught my attention.  My first venture into this was taking a class from the very wonderful Tamara Laporte, Lifebook 2014 I think it was.  Since then I have taken numerous online classes, discovered new artists, displayed some of my creations at the local art gallery, attended a few art retreats, dabbled in jewelry making, got into photography, but still struggling to find something I was GOOD at.  I fancied myself becoming an “artist”.  This year, 2017, has been a difficult one and there was a time when I closed the door to my creative space,  but in all this I have come to the realization that creating for me is an outlet, my happy place, I do it for ME.  Since then I have tried to take an open approach, just DO, experiment, enjoy.  I can honestly say that for the first time there have been a couple of pieces that I created that really had a personal meaning to me, I felt a connection to the finished piece.

This one I created shortly after my dad passed away.   In the darkness I do find hope.


I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.  A personal struggle.

surrender your fear

This one is my most recent.  Finding MY light, a class with a very talented artist who I am so glad I found as her art really calls to me, Laly Mille  

Finding My Light