Day 7 Deep Nourishment Challenge

This one was tough for me, sharing me!  On this spiritual path journey to find my secret medicine the word dance keeps showing up. And the other day the question I am the one who . . . Dances was the answer. I used to dance a LOT as a child and into my 30s and then stopped. I need to dance again!  Thank you so much Lainie Love Dalby for helping me nourish myself and speak my voice.


Deep Nourishment Challenge Day 1

Lainie Love Dalby is hosting a deep nourishment challenge on Instagram.

Today’s invitation is to create a #sacredspace #altar to honor transition of the New Year. This morning I meditated on what I wish to bring into the new year. I was amazed how quickly it came to me. Grounding, connection to Mother Earth and spirit and to speak my truth. The rocks I gathered in my backyard. The yellowish one was given to me by my great grand nephew on the day of my husband‘s funeral. ❤️ The eagle is one of my spirit animals, the frog is my talisman for 2019, speaking my voice, sage, palo santo wood and candle, rosemary and a red jasper stone. And the crow’s feathers I gathered from my yard. I fell in love with this rustic bowl at a garage sale, I knew it would be a perfect container someday.  Join the challenge!  Click on link above.